The Gutleber Pan-Dimensional Gift Shop and Cultural Center of the Universe

(completed, demolished, redesigned, forgotten about, remembered, and under re-construction)

Rick, Jennifer, Ian, Simon, Francine, and Jeremy welcome you!


Here's a brief guide to what you will find at the Gift Shop. We've tried to find something for everyone in our quest for neat things in the Multiverse. We're still stocking the place, but feel free to nose around.

Just remember: You break it, you bought it.

Gutleber Pan-Dimensional Gift Shop The Gutleber Pan-Dimensional Gift Shop and Cultural Center of the Universe

Open up the bit spigot and drink in the goodness! Fortified with Vitamin K, a part of this complete breakfast.

Last modified 8 May 1997.

Rick's POV Gallery Rick's Persistence of Vision Raytracing Art Gallery: 3D Photorealistic Graphics
Last modified 8 May 1997.

Rick's POV Utilities and Plug-Ins Rick's Persistence of Vision Source Code, Utilities and Plug-Ins: Source code and add-ons for the Persistence of Vision Raytracer
Last modified 19 May 1997.

The Wavestation Trading Post The Korg Wavestation Trading Post: If you have a Korg Wavestation synthesizer, swap your home-grown Korg WS programs here!
Last modified 11 Oct 1998. (Fixed some linkrot!)

The Gutleber Photo Gallery The Gutleber Travel Photo Gallery: No baby pictures! Honest!
Last modified 8 May 1997.

Confessions of a ConceptJunkie Confessions of a ConceptJunkie: Things that spill out of my brain.

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