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Rick's Persistence of Vision Raytracing Art Gallery

...from the POV documentation:

The Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer (POV-Ray) is a copyrighted freeware program that allows a user to easily create fantastic, three dimensional, photo-realistic images on just about any computer. POV-Ray reads standard ASCII text files that describe the shapes, colors, textures and lighting in a scene and mathematically simulates the rays of light moving through the scene to produce a photo-realistic image!

No traditional artistic or programming skills are required to use POV-Ray. First, you describe a picture in POV-Ray's scene description language, then POV-Ray takes your description and automatically creates an image from it with near perfect shading, perspective, reflections and lighting.

I have been working with POV since version 0.5 in 1992 and have produced quite a few neat things with it. Please click on a thumbnail to the left to see some of my images. POV Source is included with some images. I have also included source code for some of the C and C++ utilities I wrote to generate POV scripts.

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All images copyright 1997 Rick and Jennifer Gutleber
Last modified 8 May 1997