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The Korg Wavestation Trading Post


Swap your home-grown WS Performance Data

The Trading Post is open for business, click here for details about contributions.

Special note! The Trading Post has moved... sort of! This page will not be going away, but I would like to invite you to the Gutleber Pan-Dimensional Gift Shop and Cultural Center of the Universe, our new-and-improved home page with (eventually) more content and (hopefully) nicer-looking graphics. Please be assured that I will maintain the existing page as well as the new official Trading Post page.

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What's new?

We currently have the following collections:

Korg Wavestation Patch Archive

The Korg Wavestation Mailing List has initiated a collaborative effort to provide new and exciting software for the Korg Wavestation. Periodically, we select a particular theme and members create new WS performances along that theme. There are a lot of talented programmers out there. Just check out these impressive results:
  1. Techno,
  2. Atmospheres,
  3. Percussion,
  4. Film/Soundtrack,
Thanks to Ben Hall for setting this monthly competition and to all the contributors.

SYSEX got you down?

Would you rather ftp these files? Do you have trouble with raw sysex? Then visit the WS Patch Archive FTP Site graciously set up by Ben Hall. This archive includes, in addition to the SYX format offered here, Sound Diver and MIDI file versions of these patches.

The Korg Wavestation Mailing List Home Page

The Wavestation Mailing list is a forum for discussion and support for users of the Korg Wavestation family of instruments. These innovative synthesizers allow musicians to create a wide variety of pleasing (and not-so-pleasing) sounds using several different synthesis techniques.

Need help?

If you have questions about the patches you downloaded here, please ask. I'll do my best to help you. However, I cannot recommend software to transfer SYSEX to your Wavestation. I am only familiar with what I use, which is Cakewalk Pro for Windows v1.03. In particular, I cannot tell you anything about Macintoshes or answer questions about malfunctioning Wavestations or any other hardware. If you do need help in these areas you will lots of friendly people who know much more than I through The Korg Wavestation Mailing List. Tell them Rick sent you.


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