Korg Wavestation Trading Post Help


In order to use these patches, you need the following:

  1. The Wavestation Trading Post SYSEX files - You will need to download one of these files to your computer as the first step to getting it into your Wavestation.
  2. Software that can handle ZIP files - ZIP is a standard compressed file format. It originated on the PC, but unzipping utilties now exist for every major computer platform. If you need an unzipper, you can find a freeware or shareware one at your favorite shareware site, or see PKWare. You will find each ZIP file to contain a SYX file and a TXT file. The TXT file is (surprise!) a descriptive text file. The SYX file is a binary image of the Korg Wavestation SYSEX transfer and can be sent directly to the Wavestation.
  3. A MIDI connection from your computer to your Wavestation - I don't recall any Wavestation models having floppy drives, so you'll have to speak MIDI to get data into your Wavestation from your computer. You will need some kind of device that plugs into to your computer to connect to your Wavestation, if your computer doesn't speak MIDI natively (most don't). I use a Roland MPU-401 and it has always worked well for me.
  4. Software to effect the SYSEX transfer to your Wavestation - There are many free, shareware and commercial packages that can do this for each platform. I use Cakewalk Pro for Windows version 1.03 (which is very old), and highly recommend it, but am not familiar with anything else.

SYSEX got you down?

Would you rather ftp these files? Do you have trouble with raw sysex? Then visit the WS Patch Archive FTP Site graciously set up by Ben Hall. This archive includes, in addition to the SYX format offered here, Sound Diver and MIDI file versions of these patches.

Still stuck?

I'd be glad to help if I can, but I really don't know much beyond what I use personally, a PC running Cakewalk Pro talking to a WS-EX. If you want the real experts, try the Korg Wavestation Mailing List. It is a superb forum for all matters Wavestation, and you will find lots of knowledgeable and helpful people on the list. Even if you don't need help, join the list. You're guaranteed to learn a thing or two.

E-mail us at rickg@his.com

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Last modified 8 May 1997